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If you own a home and are having difficulty keeping up your mortgage payments or have fallen behind and are facing possible foreclosure you may be able to save your home through loan modification. Due to the collapse of the real estate market all across the nation, many homeowners have found themselves facing mortgage payments on a home that is worth less than what they still owe. Many homeowners have found it increasingly difficult to keep up their payments. Loan modification is a means of adjusting your existing mortgage terms without refinancing to reduce your monthly payment and allow you to keep your home. To find out more and answer your questions you should call Attorney Cain at Cain & Associates, PLLC and arrange a free consultation.

While there are many companies and even realtors who will offer to assist homeowners apply for a loan modification the truth is having an attorney to represent you can be a great advantage. When we work with your bank or lender we have the legal experience necessary and understand the laws concerning your rights as a homeowner to protect your best interests. Mortgage companies and banks today are faced with an overwhelming number of foreclosures and in most cases are highly motivated to modify an owner-occupied home loan to prevent another foreclosure.

Protecting Your Home

There are several approaches to modifying an existing mortgage to reduce your monthly payment. Some of these include a reduction of your interest rate, reduction of the principal balance, forgiving any missed payments, and consolidating missed payments into the existing balance owned.

While the bank may be willing to do such modifications you will still need to provide all the documentation necessary to justify your need for a modification as well as your current financial statement to show your ability to pay the reduced mortgage amount. We can help you prepare all the necessary documentation and represent you directly with the bank loan officers. Each bank and mortgage lender is different and some are easier to work with than others. As your legal representative we are committed to preserving your home and protecting your best interests. You have nothing to lose, so contact our Nashville office for information and assistance seeking a loan modification on your home.

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