Wage Garnishment in Nashville, TN

Have your wages been garnished by a creditor?

This type of garnishment is the process creditors use to deduct money from your salary, and they will continue to do so until the entire amount of debt is paid off, or until you arrange a way to pay them. In most cases however, the garnishment process must be initiated by a court order. They may take the money from other areas of monetary compensation, so the best plan of action is to be proactive and negotiate with the creditors and reach some sort of agreement and payment arrangement. If you are struggling with a personal financial situation that is less than ideal, the last thing you need is to lose income that you have worked hard to earn. However, when you are in possession of debts that you are not able to pay, wage garnishment is one of many legal actions that creditors can take against you. If you have had your wages garnished, or are being threatened with a wage garnishment, contact our legal team today. An attorney can help you decide on a debt relief option, whether it be bankruptcy or a bankruptcy alternative, that may serve to help you stop or avoid a wage garnishment.

There are various debt relief methods that serve to help one avoid the garnishment of their wages. Debt settlement, debt negotiation, and debt consolidation can all help one get a handle on their financial situation so that they are once again in a position to pay their debts in a timely fashion. The most effective measure to guard against wage garnishment, especially in dire financial circumstances, is to file for bankruptcy. In filing for bankruptcy, any debts that you possessed prior to your filing become ineligible for legal action by your creditors, and you will also be protected from having to deal with creditor harassment or abuse and legal actions against you will be put on an “automatic stay”. Title III also protects employees with wage garnishments from being discharged by their employers and anyone who does fire their workers under this circumstance may face consequences. Wage garnishes don’t only apply to your salary, commission or earnings, it could also apply to child support, past due taxes, defaulted student loans, or unpaid court fees.

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Cain & Associates, PLLC provides effective assistance to individuals throughout Nashville who are struggling with their finances. Attorney Trey Cain has been serving individual and families in the Nashville area for over a decade, and in that time, we have successfully guided clients through bankruptcy proceedings and other debt relief programs and helped them to get a fresh financial start. Our legal team will diligently work to avoid wage garnishment for our clients because we want you to financially succeed just as much as you do. We understand the fear and frustration you are experiencing in facing substantial debt, and we are available to help you seek a solution that allows you to start over. Contact Attorney Cain if you have had your wages garnished, and need help to stop the appropriation of your income by creditors.

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